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Jason Zumpano
  from documentary Cartoon College (2012) - El Loco Spider | Dododonuts | Frogs Can't Rock
  written for film short A Wish Where the Wind Once Blew (2011) - The Broken Phrase
  from "Room and Mansion" on Catbird Records 2010 - From the Proudest of Statues | Some Run, Others Crouch | Balconies of Sky
  from the CBC's "Signal's End" spring 2009 - The Same Countryside | Marching Orders | House of My Inanity
from “Roses $9.99 Dozen” on Catbird Records 2009 - Beggars of Blue Sky - Fall Back Without Curiosity - These Prosy Bores
from “In the Co. of Ghosts” on Catbird Records 2007 - Matchless Dancer Gracious Flame - Men-At-Arms
from “Piano 1-10” on Inflight Music 2002 - The Curve - Hill - Falling Forward Again
from “The Sparrow” on Inflight Music 2001 - Those DaysAngelaA Sparrow In Flight
both Piano 1-10 and The Sparrow provided the score for documentary “Manhattan, Kansas
  Jason Zumpano is a pianist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Apart from piano composition he has been involved in various musical ensembles such as Zumpano, Destroyer, Sparrow, Loscil and The Cyrillic Typewriter.
  Cyrillic Typewriter at VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE
Music by Jason Zumpano and animation by Shayne Ehman
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Title pictures (from left to right) by Carrie Walker, Jason McLean and Shayne Ehman